Welcome to Havana Connection

In the future this site will be a destination for information and images coming straight out of Havana. We represent a diverse group of photographers seeking the quintessential moments in Havana - photographs that portray a lifestyle that is slowly evolving and evaporating.

Our goal is to capture the essence of an exotic and changing culture.

The remains of the ambiance that Hemingway embraced...a powerful cigar industry symbolizing capitalism around the world...crumbling buildings, fading facades amid a city rich in history and nuance.

Eventually this site will contain an archive of AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY covering the entire island of Cuba. This is important documentation of a landscape, both physical and emotional, that is prime for radical changes and empowerment.

We are hoping to provide a visual array of significant images that capture Cuba as it awakens and unfolds to form the face and the vistas that will be the new Cuba.

Please visit us again in the future, we are in the process of accumulating images and information in relation to this important project. The dual intent envisioned is to create cultural exchange, provide up to date information and offer opportunities for photographers and students to travel to Cuba on photographic assignments.

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Information and Photos related to our new more
open relationship with the people of Cuba.